Molly’s Big Day!

Molly's Big Day!

Molly's Big Day

Molly the Doll, the beloved little star from the Gemini and Emmy award-winning preschool series, gets up off the Big Comfy Couch and explores the bigger world.

At school!

And this is not just any school…it’s Clowndergarten! Of course her very best forever friend, Loonette, will hold her hand each day as Molly heads out the door to face a world of adventure.

Molly’s Big Day is a total gigglefest! The focus is on fun, with a little bit of learning thrown in as Molly and friends will see just how exciting school can be.

The transition from being at home or in daycare to a larger world can be emotionally challenging for most children. By helping Molly the Doll in this lovely app, kids can safely explore their own feelings about change. And because the whole experience happens in the goofy, silly Big Comfy way, this brave new world is shown to be friendly and fun!

Molly’s Big Day follows the rhythm of every child’s day. The story begins with Molly waking up on the Big Comfy Couch being greeted by Loonette. We follow Molly as she gets ready for her day, eating a healthy breakfast, washing up and brushing her teeth. When it’s time to go, we sing a little song and head to Clowntown, “The Place Where Silliness Never Ends’ with Loonette and Molly. At the Clowndergarten the teacher, Miss RubyDoo welcomes Molly the Doll with a warm, hearty laugh, and introduces her to a bunch of new little clowns.

Inside the school, there are activities just like every kindergarten. And when the day is done, Molly heads home to Loonette with stories to tell of her very own.