Just Ask Molly!

Molly the Doll may not speak out loud, but she does communicate amazingly well. Molly speaks in Thought Bubbles, using images and pictures to get her message across clearly to Loonette and the kids at home. Molly can say more with a Thought Bubble and a glance than many of the most talkative clowns! Who better to turn to for advice than this lovable, clever doll?

Just Ask Molly is a chance for people of all ages to receive sage advice from their favourite doll. Molly sits patiently, with a Question Mark in her Thought Bubble, waiting for you to speak a question to her. With the press of a button, Molly will “listen” to your voice and question, and when she’s done thinking she will tell you how she feels about the situation…in an image. It’s up to you to think about her advice!


Video Promo