About The Big Comfy Couch

Are you ready to clown around? LOONETTE the little clown-girl and her best friend MOLLY THE DOLL live together on the Big Comfy Couch and enjoy all the wild and wacky treasures found under its cushions.  In the world of the Big Comfy Couch, the place where silliness never ends, MAJOR BEDHEAD delivers the mail, GRANNY GARBANZO spends her days cooking and gardening, and FUZZY and WUZZY, the Dustbunnies live and play under the Couch. The Big Comfy Couch is a beloved children’s television series created by producer/show-runner Cheryl Wagner, who saw the need for a show that encouraged kids to get up off their couch and get moving.  Radical Sheep Productions launched the series in 1993.  With 100 half hour episodes that aired in over 30 countries, a highly successful merchandise line, and a an enduring impression on a generation of children who are now grown, The Big Comfy Couch continues to be saluted as a remarkable achievement in the history of children’s television.